Choose your friends wisely

“In a consumer-driven society, we act like slaves, prisoner of envy”~ Ivan Illich Austria Philosopher. It’s ok if they fall within our earning category not when they make 3 times what we do. Stay away from competitive consumption.

Gain perspective

I in 6 in the world goes to bed hungry. Our pets live more comfortably than half the earths population. Focus on what you have instead of obsessing about you don’t. We are spoiled. Look at the food we now have in supermarkets, cars we drive, phones we all carry, TV channels.

The best antidote to envy is a dose of perspective.  “Envy is the art of counting the other fellows blessing instead of our own” Harold Coffin, late AP columnist. Be grateful “Gratitude is richness, complaint is poverty” ~ Doris Day
Say I can’t afford it. Try it, it’s liberating. We can’t afford everything we want. Accept it.

Pay yourself first

Put 10% away for later in life. Do it monthly in a systematic savings plan. It is much wiser to start young. Putting large chunk of money away later in life is harder.