Sorry to hear that you owe.

You can pay your income due is 4 ways:

  • Mail : make your cheque payable to the Receiver General and mail to Canada Revenue Agency, 875 Heron Road, Ottawa ON K1A 1B1.
  • Bank Teller: or pay at a teller at your bank with a remittance voucher we or preparor will provide
  • Interact: If you deal with one of the 4 major banks you can also use this interact service
  • Internet banking or telephone banking: the is the easiest for most. From your bank internet banking website select the payee – CRA income tax 2011. If you don’t like to use internet banking, you can also do it by telephone banking with your bank.

It is only due on April 30, so it make sense to keep earning interests and only pay it at the end of April. We will efile your return. So there is nothing to mail.

  • For self-employed tax payor with an HST payment to make, you will have to mail yourHST return with your cheque also payable to the Receiver general. We will have the envelope ready for you.

That is due in June 15. So, again, in a financial planning perspective, don’t send money now…earn interests in the meantime!