Personally, I would not go any other way but it is easy for me to say.  It is only my husband and  me and a 7lb yorkie in our family.  The high cost of organic food may not be a choice at all for a family with growing children.  Or is it?  When budgeting,  someone like me would say it is often a matter of choice.  There is usually a way to make it happen.  If your family’s health and the taste of food is a priority, you may be willing to forgo a night or two in a restaurant or fast food.  Having said this, if more of us ate organic, the price of it would come down from the economy of scale.  It would infinitely  be better however, if there was some serious willingness at the Government level to help organic farmers, regulate how our food is grown and educate people about good nutrition.  With the way health care cost is going, that sure would be a smart investment.  The politics of this issue is a big question which would require much debate.  What do you think?  Am I totally off the wall?  Go ahead and speak your mind!

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