women and moneyA BMO survey reports today that Canadians are planning to save more in 2013 and aiming to put away an average of $9,859 to meet their goals. What about you? How much will you save towards your future “Good Life”!  There is always the tax saving angle and the retirement planning angle.  Make sure to consider both.  Too many just look at whether they are getting a refund or not and will make just enough RRSP to cancel the tax owing if any.  Look at how much you need to save to be on track with your plan first, make sure your total contributions were at least that amount this year and then decide if you should make more. That is the proper planning process.  Email, call or come in for a meeting.  We are there to help you do what is best for you given your individual circumstances this year.  If you are not in a position to make a contribution this year, you will at least know what you need to do for next year.