Do you need a financial planner?

Client Profile

Name: David M.

Job: Retired

Passions: Boating, living in Mexico for the part of the year and his grandchildren!


“I had a few financial planners before and I was dissatisfied. Most other financial planners are non-communicators. Once the plan is done they are not on top of your finances. Odette really knows her stuff. She knows my portfolio. She knows me and my needs much better than my previous advisors. I get personalized attention. The whole team is thorough, professional and friendly.”

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Do you need a financial planner?

You might be thinking to yourself, ‘Am I the sort of person who needs a financial planner?’

Some people think that financial planners are only for people with tons of money to invest. Sure, we work with many people who fall into the category of ‘high net worth’, but we also work with people who are building their nest eggs.

The best way to know if you need a financial planner is to ask yourself a few basic questions. If you answer ‘yes’ to one or more of these – you’re an excellent candidate for financial planning.

  1. Want to retire in style?
  2. Have a dream, but no plan for how to finance it? (i.e. taking a year off to travel; buying a vacation home, going back to school)
  3. Is a major life event happening? (ex. marriage, birth of a child, lay-off, inheritance)
  4. Ever find yourself worrying about your financial future?
  5. Get a nervous feeling in your stomach when news stories appear about market fluctuations?
  6. Are you avoiding financial planning because you think it’s too time-consuming, costly or difficult?
  7. Tired of dealing with banks and brokerage houses who don’t know you?

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