“May You Live Long And Prosper ” – Mr. Spock


Farewell To You All

I remember that Odette and I started the Weekly Update many years ago in the early 90’s. Back then before the internet we would watch the business news on TV and scramble as fast as we could to write down and formulate the details. We would then fax it out to you individually from our old thermal paper fax machine.

That’s a long time ago and it is hard for Odette and I to believe that it has now come to this; our last day of work before retirement!
We have truly enjoyed being of service to you and we will sincerely miss you. Be assured that whatever we did, whatever decisions we made we always did with your best interests at heart. We truly and always put You First.  We are confident that we leave you now in strong competent hands with Anthony and his team.

Enjoy your lives and be good and kind to all those around you. It’s a quick trip and it goes fast.

Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

Peace And Love To You All FOREVER!