What is financial planning?

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Name: Jason

Job: Yoga Instructor

Passions: Travelling, skiing, and climbing


“YOU FIRST looks out for my well-being. They've done well for me, and now I don't worry about money. I know I can turn to Odette whenever I need to.”

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What is financial planning?

Financial planning – put simply, is the roadmap that takes you to your dreams and goals. A financial planner works with you to design the roadmap, helps you stay on course, and helps you adapt to life’s unexpected detours as they pop up along the way.

The YOU FIRST approach is this: we’re your partner for life. You can turn to us whenever change happens. We’re there to help you maximize the opportunities and minimize the challenges.

Your YOU FIRST financial planner is like a coach – helping you to understand all of your options, and the pros and cons of each potential path. This allows you to make smart, informed financial decisions at every turn. No more hopeful leaps of faith. No more investor’s remorse.

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