We are in the process of redoing our wills and we decided to make provision for our dog Amy Lou. Yes, it is essential to provide for our pets. They depend on us just like a child! We named our dear friend Sofia (with her prior approval of course) as caretaker and gifted funds to her outright to take care of our little Amy Lou.

Make sure to include your pets in your Will and provide money for the caretaker.  Pets cost money, sometimes, a lot of money. The average cost of a dog for example range from $700 to $3000 per year.  There should be funds allocated in your will for the caretaker depending on the type of pet and its age.

Here is a picture of our sweet Amy Lou.  She sure cost of lot of money when you add up all the outfits, bows and day care cost. Her chews alone cost $6 each!  Oh my!!  Well, as you know, she is our only baby and want to make sure that she at least gets the proper health care as she gets older.