The You First Approach

You First Financial provides integrated financial planning that encompasses all aspects of your financial life. We match the investments to your goals and select managed solutions to help you grow your nest-egg, preserve your capital over the long-term and provide stability in your income pay-out years.

Solid investment planning is about constructing a good quality investment portfolio. Our dedication to research and our 25 year proven process makes the difference. Every year we conduct a thorough review of your situation, portfolio allocation and each fund you hold. You receive personalized investment advice and status reports on your holdings as part of our annual review process.

When major changes in the market happen you will receive an immediate email alert with analysis on what the change means to you and what action (if any) is recommended. You First Financial Planning advisors are always just a phone call or email away to answer your questions.

In times of high market volatility, we will be there to review your situation, comment on the situation and provide reassurance or guidance.

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