2020 has forced us to quickly adapt to a changing business environment, and we have learned a lot about the convenience of e-solutions.

As a refresher, we want to let you know what e-solutions are available to you:

  • You can login online to Fundex Wealthview and view your account balance, individual holdings, investment performance, quarterly statements, and RRSP contribution receipts (statements and tax receipts for nominee account holders only).
  • On Wealthview, you can update your address, e-mail, and telephone number. We will be informed of the update, as will all fund companies you have investments with.
  • On Wealthview, you can securely upload documents. This will be more secure than sending documents over e-mail and is a useful tool for highly sensitive documents or during tax season.
  • If you have a Nominee account, you can contribute to it the same way you make a bill payment, with your online banking.
  • You can sign almost all order entry forms electronically, with just a password and a few clicks.
  • You can meet with us virtually by Zoom or by telephone.


If you want detailed instructions on any of the above options, kindly let JoAnne know and she can send you instructions by email or walk you through the steps by phone.