Between now and the March 2nd RRSP deadline, many of you will contact us to top up your RRSP. To make a purchase, you can call, e-mail or schedule a meeting with us.

Here are the various ways you can fund your RRSP account:

1: Pre-authorized debit (PAD): If we have your banking information on file, the funds can be taken directly from your chequing account. PADs take a few extra days to set up, but we can use this method right up until deadline day. As long as the request is submitted by the deadline, the investment companies will code the purchase as a first 60-day contribution, even if the funds come out of your account afterwards.

2: Cheque: You can mail or drop a cheque off to our office.

3: Bill payment (nominee accounts only): If you have a Nominee RRSP, you can fund your account via bill payment through your financial institution’s online banking platform. The payee is Fundex Investments and the account # will be your RRSP account number (it starts with an N and contains 9 digits).

Signing your contribution form is easier than ever. With our improved electronic consent (e-sign) procedure, you can now consent using your phone in as little as 30 seconds and without the need to print. Contact us anytime for more information.

This information is provided for general information purposes only. It does not constitute professional advice. Please contact a professional about your specific needs before taking any action.