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Welcome to a new year and a new decade!  Before we begin, we would like to extend our sincere wishes for a happy new year to you and your family. We would also like to thank to you for your continued trust in us and for the opportunity to assist you in working toward your financial goals. Should you have any questions about your… Read More

Starting this year, our weekly briefs will look slightly different. Generally, each Friday we send out a weekly brief with market numbers and supporting economic data. We have concluded that a weekly reporting of the “economic noise” is not insightful for most investors. Moving forward, we’ll simply report the weekly numbers and limit the economic updates to a quarterly basis…. Read More

“The only thing certain about any negotiation is that it will lead to another negotiation” – Leigh Steinberg Markets Move Upward on “Phase One” Trade Deal Announcement This week, the United States and China came to an agreement on the first portion of a trade deal between the two nations. The so-called “Phase One” deal… Read More

“There never was a good war, or a bad peace” – Benjamin Franklin Correction Notice – 2019 Market Results In last week’s 2019 Market Results briefing, we made the following incorrect statement (which has since been corrected): “The S&P 500, one of the major U.S. indexes, led the way with a final return of 35.24%.”… Read More

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow” – Albert Einstein Happy New Year! After a difficult 2018, where markets drew down by ~20% from July until December 24th, markets rebounded handsomely in 2019, with strong returns across the board. The Nasdaq, one of the major U.S. indexes, led the way with a final… Read More