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We hope everyone remains healthy and well. We would like to answer some frequently asked questions (FAQ) on the current state of markets and the global economy. We culled responses from various economic strategists and portfolio managers. As usual, we are dealing with a mix of positive and negative data and ultimately, “the virus has… Read More

Weekly Update – By The Numbers North America Friday Close Weekly Change Weekly % Change YTD % Change Canada – S&P TSX Composite 15,714 117 0.75% -7.91% USA – Dow Jones Industrial Average 26,075 248 0.96% -8.63% USA – S&P 500 3,185 55 1.76% -1.42% USA – NASDAQ 10,617 409 4.01% 18.32% Gold Futures (USD)… Read More

This week, the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) was officially extended for two additional months. CERB-eligible recipients will be able to receive $2,000 per month over the two extra months. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the extension of the CERB during a statement on Tuesday. However, he did encourage Canadians to seek work and return… Read More

Taxes The 2019 tax season is almost behind us and we want to thank all You First clients for your patience in adapting to the new processes this year. As a reminder, you have until August 31 to remit your balance owing without incurring any late-payment interest.  This also applies to those who must make… Read More

A popular question from investment media this month is how stock markets can only be down 10% to 15% from their pre-COVID highs amid all this economic damage. On May 10th, the New York times published an article called Repeat After Me: The Markets are not the Economy. On May 22nd, the Globe & Mail… Read More