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How have markets performed in 2022? We are five months into 2022 and it is turning out to be one of the most challenging starts to the year in decades. This is said not because of the depth of the declines seen in asset prices, but rather due to the inability to diversify away some… Read More

Yesterday, we posted a Special Update on the evolving Russia-Ukraine military conflict. To read it in full, click here. Today, we’d like to share an additional piece of commentary focusing on the Canadian landscape, courtesy of BMO Capital Markets. (BMO Capital Markets Commentary) The immediate financial market response to Russia’s invasion into Ukraine was textbook… Read More

In light of the escalating conflict between Russia and Ukraine, we would like to provide some context, courtesy of Dynamic Funds’ Chief Investment Strategist, Myles Zyblock. Russia launched a broad-based attack on assets in Ukraine over night, and there have been follow-up reports of intense fighting continuing into the morning. Most world leaders have condemned… Read More

Last week, our headline newsletter article “18 Charts for 2022” led with a discussion of the recent market decline. We would like to provide some additional context, courtesy of Dynamic Funds’ Chief Investment Strategist, Myles Zyblock. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. Market Volatility: Rough Waters Equity markets have been rocked… Read More

Happy New Year to all You First clients, and we wish you a healthy and joyful 2022. Markets are nearing the 10% decline mark to start the year and you have likely noticed a drop in the value of your investments. Let’s jump right to a chart: 10% pullbacks happen all the time. 65% of… Read More