We hope you all enjoyed your summer. The weather in Vancouver was not always perfect, but a smoke-free August was certainly appreciated!

Here is where markets stand for 2019 (year-to-date return as of August 30. Foreign market returns are expressed in Canadian dollar terms):

TSX (Canada): 14.8%
DOW Jones (U.S.): 10.5%
S&P 500 (U.S.): 13.9%
FTSE 100 (UK): -0.4%
DAX (Germany): 7.5%
MSCI EAFE (Europe and Asia markets): 4.6%
MSCI World (Aggregate of all global markets): 10.8%
TMX Canadian Universe Bond: 8.7%

Following last fall’s decline, stock markets experienced a v-shaped recovery from January to June 2019. The ‘Powell pivot’ (the U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman’s change in approach to monetary policy) and hopes of more Chinese fiscal and monetary stimulus and the end of the trade war were the primary reasons behind the recovery.

U.S. indices continue to hover near all-time highs despite the uncertainty created by the U.S.-China trade dispute, growing trade protectionism, Brexit, the weakening euro zone, and other macro and geopolitical risks. Although the U.S. economy remains stable, there are signs of the global economy slowing and corporate earnings growth trends continue to decline.

We generally do not recommend any attempts to time the market by making drastic portfolio changes. However, there are tactical moves investors can make to position their portfolio more defensively while maintaining their overall asset mix, if their situation calls for it. For example, those who plan on retiring or drawing heavily from their portfolio in the next few years should reposition their portfolio accordingly.

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